7 Inspiring Sustainability Stories from 2019

The outlook for long-term sustainability practices looks good based on successes we’ve seen in 2019. Here’s proof that sustainability is on the rise with good momentum.

Sustainability success stories from 2019

1) CleanO2 is capturing CO2 emissions and turning them into potash for use in soaps and detergents using a device called CARBiNX. In fact, Lush Cosmetics uses the device in one of its Calgary facilities to produce soap products.


2) Lyft is bringing electric vehicles to its fleet as part of its Green Cities Initiative. Riders can request a planet-friendly ride using Green Mode.


3) IKEA is making green strides with its A Sustainable Everyday The company is replacing its single-use plastic with disposables made from 100% renewable source


4) Loop offers a delivery and refill service, so customers can take a waste-free approach to buying their favorite household items from major brands like Tide, Colgate, Glad, Tropicana, Häagen-Dazs, Nature’s Path and more. The company’s goal is to eliminate disposable, single-use packaging and move toward a circular economy, helping resources stay in use for as long as possible.


5) New York scored a double! Single-use plastic bags are now banned, and New York City public schools adopted Meatless Mondays.


6) Etsy became the first global e-commerce company to offset 100% of carbon emissions generated by shipping


7) General Mills is committed to sustainably sourcing 100% of its top 10 priority ingredients.


Let’s work together for the planet

For a look at how we’ve made strides in the sustainability department, check out our green accomplishments. You can also do your part by decreasing your carbon footprint with clean electricity from Green Mountain. And bookmarking our blog page can help you stay in the know for how to have a positive impact on the planet no matter what you’re doing.

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