6 Ways to Go From Naughty to Nice This Holiday

Small changes during the holidays can help our planet in big ways.

  1. Say Goodbye to Energy Vampires (Halloween Is Over, Peeps)

Decorating your pet seems way more fun than fooling with tangled lights. But if the thought of skipping the glow fest makes you cringe, give LED lights a try. They use a lot less energy and can save you some green, too.


  1. Don’t Trash That Tree!

Every year, millions of Christmas trees end up in landfills. Help stop the holiday madness by purchasing a live, potted tree from your local nursery and planting it after the holiday is over. Or, recycle your tree with the help of a curbside pickup program. Your recycled tree can create biomass that could help replenish depleted soil.


  1. Dismiss the Holiday Hater Known as Paper Cuts

We all hate those tiny, evil things known as paper cuts. Do yourself and the trees a favor this holiday by using a scarf, bandana or colorful fabric in place of traditional wrapping paper. Your giftee will also appreciate the nice little bonus.


  1. Be a Holiday Hero—Feed the Foodies

Skip the tiny plastic stocking stuffers and opt for some tasty natural snacks. You’ll cut down on waste; plus, everyone will have something to munch on while you’re all eagerly awaiting the meal of the year.


  1. Pay It Forward

The holidays are the perfect time to get plugged in to a local nonprofit and do some good deeds in your community. So get out there—clean up, plant a tree or help some kids in need to experience the outdoors.


  1. Power Your Holiday With Green Energy

Choosing renewable, green energy is one of the easiest ways to help our planet this holiday and earn you a spot on the nice list.




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