6 Ways to Celebrate Spring

Spring’s here. It’s the perfect time to slow down and soak in what this time of year brings. You can sit back and enjoy simple moments like breezy weather, reading on the porch, washing your car or cooking an all-organic meal.

If you like traditional, quirky or a little in between, we’ve got some ideas for how to have fun with things you can only do in the spring.

6-ways-to-celebrate-spring2.jpg Take photos with flowers

Find a field filled with wildflowers and go bananas with selfies or family portraits (they might come in handy during the season of holiday cards). Use the blog Simple Tips for Snapping Perfect Outdoor Pics to step up your photography game.

6-ways-to-celebrate-spring3.jpg Get up close and personal with nature

Find a flowering shrub or budding tree in your yard. Tie a piece of string on it to mark a spot. Then take your kiddos for daily observations to watch the regrowth in spring.

6-ways-to-celebrate-spring4.jpg Experience an outdoor event

Whether it's a crawfish boil, wedding, picnic or a favorite festival (art, music, food or film—find something for everyone!), there's a fun way to spend your weekends in the great outdoors.

6-ways-to-celebrate-spring5.jpg Fly a kite

When was the last time you ran around the park with a kite tail blowing in the wind? Take time to marvel in the moment of the kite bobbing and dancing with the wind. You can make your own kite with the kiddos or make it a competition among friends to see who creates the most artistic kite or who builds one that flies the highest.

6-ways-to-celebrate-spring6.jpg Walk in the rain

Wait for the perfect easy drizzle to don your rain boots. Then take some time to splash around in puddles. You might get the side eye from a few neighbors, but chances are they’re secretly envying your playful spirit.  

6-ways-to-celebrate-spring7.jpg Get ready for Earth Day

Gear up for Earth Day. It’s around the corner, so make a plan about what you can do at home to help out in your community.

After choosing how you’ll celebrate spring, remember to keep the season as beautiful as it can be by caring for the planet. Choosing clean energy for your electricity needs helps keep the planet sparkly and bright during spring and all throughout the year.

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