6 Upcycling Tips for a Festive Holiday

Hosting family and friends this holiday? You don’t have to spend a fortune to be festive. Check out how you can put a green spin on your décor using items from around your home.


1. Old newspaper? New gift wrap.

Wrap this year’s gifts using newspaper. The black-and-white comics section will give it a classy, vintage feel. Top each gift off with a simple bow and voila! You’re all set.


2. Old flannel shirt? New festive napkins.

Give that old flannel shirt new life by transforming it into festive napkins. Grab some scissors and cut out same-size squares from the smooth parts of the shirt. You’ll need a sewing machine to achieve a more finished look on the ends. Your new napkins will serve as the perfect statement pieces for your holiday dinner party.


3. Old light bulbs? New baubles.

Turn burned-out light bulbs into stylish ornaments by spray-painting them silver or gold. Add some sparkle to a few bulbs by using craft glue with a few layers of glitter powder on top. Seal the glitter with more glue and let it dry. Using hot glue, add a string to the bulb’s base and hang.1


4. Old wine corks? New mini reindeer.

For this charming reindeer, you’ll need three wine corks, a hot glue gun, a red pom, two sewing pins and brown pipe cleaners. For the legs, cut the first cork into four pieces. For the head and neck, cut the second cork into two pieces. Use the entire third cork for the body. Attach all of the pieces using your hot glue gun. For the antlers and tail, attach small sections of the pipe cleaner using glue. Cut and insert the pins for the eyes and glue the pom for a nose. For an added touch, tie a ribbon into a bow and glue it on as a bow tie.2


5. Old greeting card? New gift tag.

Cut an old greeting card into a rectangle or square. Punch a hole at the top and string some ribbon through the hole. That’s it! You’ve just scored a fun (and free) gift tag.3


6. Old tree? New wreath.

Before you recycle your holiday tree, remove its best-looking branches to create a beautiful wreath. Let the branches soak in water overnight to help them maintain freshness. Grab some floral wire to connect the branches to a wire wreath frame. Display your new wreath throughout the winter or at your next event.4

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