5 Thoughts We Have After Making New Year’s Resolutions

Let’s be honest—New Year’s resolutions aren’t always easy. But don’t let them stress you out; just know that we’re all on the same self-improvement struggle bus.

  1. “If I see one more piece of celery, I’m going to flip a table!” Hangry happens to the best of us. But whenever those fries start calling your name, just picture yourself on a beach flaunting your bikini bod. 5-thoughts-we-have-image-2.jpg
  1. “Social media counts as being more social, right?” Why not enjoy the best of both worlds—reach out to an old friend and invite them over for hot cocoa. Then you can be lazy and social at the same time. Boom! 5-thoughts-we-have-image-3.jpg
  1. “Wait, I’ve only been jogging for 10 minutes? My quads are saying otherwise.” When it comes to working out, consistency is key. Who cares if you start out doing only a few minutes a day? What matters is that you’re trying to better yourself. 5-thoughts-we-have-image-4.jpg
  1. “Binge watching = sitting on the couch. Sitting on the couch = getting more rest. Resolution success!” The cool thing about resolutions is that you get to create the rules. If that’s your idea of relaxation then watch on, my friend. 5-thoughts-we-have-image-5.jpg
  1. “Laughing at Bob’s corny jokes definitely counts as being nicer.” Not to get all sappy, but you never know how you can make a difference in someone’s day just by being nice to them. It doesn’t require much effort on your end, and it’s actually easier than not being nice. 5-thoughts-we-have-image-6.jpg

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