5 Sustainable Activities for the Whole Family

Every parent knows the struggle of keeping up with their kids’ boundless energy. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that they can be so animated and excited from the second they pop out of bed. While you’re struggling to feel human after your third cup of coffee, they’ve already imagined 10 different scenarios where they’re the most awesomest superhero in a race to save the galaxy from the evil robot aliens.

Upcycle the junk mail.

Don’t you just wish you could opt out of junk mail? It’s such a waste of paper and some of it isn’t even recyclable. Thankfully, that paper doesn’t have to go to waste if you’re in the mood for a little crafting. You can make papier-mâché masks, bows for gift wrapping (heck, you can even wrap the gift in recycled paper!) or just about any other paper craft project.

Make a sprinkler out of plastic bottles.

Even though you do your best to keep unnecessary plastic out of the waste stream, sometimes your willpower breaks down, and you just have to let your kids have their favorite sugary carbonated beverage. Before you toss the plastic in the recycling bin, though, why not have a little fun? Rinse the plastic bottles, poke holes in the sides in a creative pattern, attach the bottle to the end of a hose and voila! Instant custom sprinkler system.

Grow butterflies.

This is one of our favorite ways to teach kids about the magic of the life cycle and how things grow. Insect Lore is a company that sells insect gardens that you can grow at home. They’ll send you a cup of live caterpillars and a small terrarium to watch them grow, along with an instruction booklet on how to care for them. In just a short while, you’ll start to see the caterpillars change, and before you know it you’ve got butterflies eating insects, pollinating plants and making the environment healthier!

Go on a nature walk.

There’s nothing quite like taking in the outdoors, but you don’t have to go very far to find something unique to celebrate. Even the most urban neighborhood is full of plants and animals that are worth marveling over. Try a little contest to see who can spot the most interesting bird, flower or tree.

Choose renewable energy to power your life.

When you power your home with renewable energy, you’re making a positive difference for the planet. But it can be hard to know that you’re helping since it doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything different. That’s why we have tools to show you how big your impact is getting, plus tips to help you carry that difference forward in your everyday life. So, take a moment to let the family know the good that they’re doing for the planet. It may not be the showiest or the splashiest activity, but it’s one that’s worthwhile to remember.

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