5 Friends We All Have on Social Media

Whether you’re a fan of social media or you rarely find yourself scrolling, chances are you’ve probably come across these five types of friends. You know who they are—their photos are made of pure magic as if they’ve hired a pro photographer for every post. And they always manage to stick with the same theme. Some may say they’re doing the most; we’d like to think that they’re living their best life.


1. The Selfie Queen

Her selfie game is on another level. She’s mastered the perfect smize. She can fake laugh with the best of ‘em. And her #motivationmonday post pairs an inspirational quote along with none other than—a selfie.


2. The Globetrotter

Every time you see him on social media, he’s in a different part of the world. One day he’s living it up on a private island, the next day he’s riding a camel in the desert. He inspired you to book that flight to Paris. Because YOLO.


3. The Fashionista

She’s the shopaholic-turned-blogger friend who gives you fashion goals. Her #ootd posts are effortlessly cool and make virtual window shopping way more fun.


4. The Puppy Parent

This friend is the proud parent of a fur baby. None of his posts include humans. But you will know every detail of Bella’s day. Like when she learns a new trick. And when she gets a bath. And when she’s taking a nap. And when she’s playing at the dog park. Can you blame him? She’s just so dang cute.


5. The World Change

You’ll catch this friend planting trees in her local community, donating clothing to the homeless and organizing park cleanup events. She can’t help but spread positivity wherever she goes.

Which friend do you identify with most? At Green Mountain Energy, our community is full of World Changers. People who are making a difference every day, simply by living green. We’d love for you to join us. Simply choose 100% clean electricity for your home and add one more friend to your list—the planet.

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