5 Essential Hacks for Summer

Hacks are meant to simplify your life. From cutting down on energy costs to staying cool when it’s blazing outside, check out a few ways to beat the heat this summer.

  1. Outsmart your energy bill.

Save energy by unplugging appliances and recharging your summer with an outdoor activity.


  1. Make the purrfect treat.

Keep your pet cool with an icy treat. Fill up a bucket with ice and pet-safe fruit. Don’t forget to make a little somethin’ for yourself!


  1. Look up! No, really.

To keep cool inside, you’ll want your fan to blow air straight down. Look up at your ceiling fan to make sure it’s spinning in a counterclockwise direction.


  1. Try this bright idea.

Save energy and money­ by replacing all of your home’s lights with energy-efficient LED or CFL lights.


  1. Grill and chill.

Instead of heating up your home with your oven, grill outside more often.


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