How Far Can I Go with an EV?

If range is the only thing holding you back from buying an electric vehicle (EV), then think again. With battery technology improving year after year, driving ranges have increased, along with lifespan and charging efficiency.

Just like gas-powered cars have different makes/models offering different levels of horsepower, the same goes for EVs and driving distances. You’ll need to base your make/model preference on your routine driving distances. Many newer EVs can travel more than 200 miles on a single charge, but for a complete list of ranges for every EV on the market (in the U.S.), check out Roadshow’s comprehensive list.

An EV’s fuel economy is listed in terms of miles per gallon of gasoline-equivalent (MPGe). It represents the number of miles the vehicle can go using a quantity of electricity with the same energy content as a gallon of gasoline. The energy equivalent of one gallon of gasoline is 33.7 kWh of electricity. You can review fuel efficiency, distance ranges and a side-by-side comparison chart on the Department of Energy’s fuel economy site. Be sure to check out its Top Ten ranking list for MPGe.

Driving habits and drivers’ behaviors can have a big impact on how much distance an EV can cover. These six tips can help improve range and MPGe for your EV:

  1. Use the economy mode to reduce energy use and save the battery life.
  2. Watch accessory use, like air conditioning and media systems, to extend your range. (One bonus over a gas car, though, is that you don’t use any energy keeping the engine idling when you’re stopped.)
  3. Plan ahead and warm or cool the car while it’s plugged in to avoid excess usage on the road.
  4. Brake gradually to avoid wasting energy and make good use of the regenerative braking system.
  5. Take routes that have slower speed limits since efficiency decreases above 50 mph.
  6. Keep tires inflated properly and don’t carry excess weight in your car.

If you want to see the top 10 long-range EVs of 2019, Kelley Blue Book has what you need.

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