Your Guide to Sustainability Projects Happening Around the World

A new year brings a fresh outlook—a revived and invigorated attitude for what the future holds. And for us, that’s especially true when it comes to all things green.

Take a sustainability trek with us to see some of the greenest projects happening around the world. We’ve mapped out where you can find environmental advancements in action, helping renew your spirit for sustainability and a cleaner tomorrow.



Across the continent, the Great Green Wall is growing. It’s an African-led initiative to cultivate a living barrier to combat conditions brought on by climate change—drought, famine, conflict over resources and migration. The project, now 15% underway in just a decade, has seen immediate success when it comes to food security, job creation and stability for people’s lives.


North America – California

In response to possible extinction of local cougars in the Los Angeles area, a wildlife crossing over Highway 101 is nearing completion. It will be the largest in the world! The corridor at Liberty Canyon, developed through a public-private partnership, will help save mountain lions, reconnect natural habitats for all wildlife and serve as a model for urban wildlife conservation.


United Kingdom – Cornwall

Some might call it a nature center and others might say it’s an ecological wonder. The Eden Project, a destination for visitors located in a big crater, brings together plant exhibitions and gardens, rainforest conservation, hands-on education, Biomes housing, water harvesting, special-needs learning programs and more. It’s connecting people to people and to the world around them, while inspiring change that protects the physical world and all living things in it.


France – Paris

The world’s largest rooftop farm sits on top of Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, an exhibition complex in redevelopment. Agripolis is the French urban farming company designing the 150,000-square-foot space that will grow crops in vertical towers using only organic methods. Services at the farm will include educational tours, workshops, events and leasing of small vegetable plots for local residents.


North America – New York

Cornell Tech’s campus on Roosevelt Island lays claim to the world’s tallest and largest Passive House (PH) called The House. A PH designation means a facility meets the strictest energy efficiency standards for buildings, cutting energy consumption by 60-80%. The 26-story high-rise carefully balances heat emissions and occupants to keep the building at a consistent temperature throughout the year. The House’s projected savings is 882 tons of CO2 a year, which is equivalent to more than 5,000 new trees planted.



SolaRoad is giving pavement the ability to convert sunlight into electricity. The world’s first public road with integrated solar cells was part of a bike road conversion project near Amsterdam in 2014. The company’s latest sun-harvesting projects include bus lanes and parallel roads with heavy traffic. SolaRoad is committed to making renewable energy production invisible and seamlessly integrated in the world.

You don’t have to travel the world to see sustainability in action. Take a road trip with Green Mountain Energy Sun Club® to see green strides happening in local communities (where Green Mountain does business). From renewable energy and resource conservation to clean transportation and sustainable agriculture, Sun Club is changing the way people impact the planet. To date, Sun Club has donated $8.9 million to fund 122 sustainability projects that have prevented more than 20 million pounds of CO2.

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