We Celebrate the Season of Giving All Year Long

For many of our Green Mountain Energy Sun Club® (Sun Club*) recipients, it’s like Christmas in July or February or April or October – you get the idea.

This year, Sun Club was able to give approximately $870,000, in the form of no-cost solar technology and other sustainable projects, to more than 23 organizations nationwide. These organizations are now saving money on their monthly electricity bills, have lowered their operating costs and are able to do more to support their cause. And of course, they are reducing their environmental impact by producing pollution-free electricity.

The Sun Club’s contributions were made possible because of the more than $800,000 donated in 2015 by Texas customers who support the solar energy movement. Their generosity has helped to provide more than 900 kW of solar energy to a variety of organizations that support and improve their surrounding communities. Thank you to the many people who are promoting the importance of this renewable resource.

The Sun Club’s recipient list is large, diverse and covers a lot of territory. Be sure to see how these organizations are putting their solar energy to good use.


*In summer 2015, the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club®, a program formed by Green Mountain Energy Company to donate solar projects to non-profit organizations, transformed into an independent non-profit, expanding its mission and scope to go beyond solar power to solutions for a sustainable lifestyle.

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