Sustainable Stories: Fort Worth Bike Sharing

EDITOR’S NOTE: We want to learn how other organizations approach sustainability, so we’ve published a series of posts featuring innovative companies and people who are doing their part to support our planet. See below to read a guest blog from Kristen Camareno, Executive Director of Fort Worth Bike Sharing in Fort Worth, Texas. (Aside: We're big fans of green commuting - learn about our employee commuter program)

What is the mission of Fort Worth Bike Sharing and how does sustainability fit into it?
The mission of Fort Worth Bike Sharing is to enhance our community by providing an affordable, efficient, environmentally-friendly bike share program that complements our existing public transportation system and provides both residents and visitors a healthy, convenient way to move around our city.

Can you explain your sustainability efforts and goals?
Bicycling and bike sharing are inherently sustainable practices, and by managing and operating a bike sharing network for Fort Worth, our organization provides one more sustainable tool for our community. We aim to be more than carbon neutral. Our goal is for the carbon offset from our riders replacing car trips with bikeshare trips to more than compensate for the energy our company expends in operating the system.

Why is sustainability important to Fort Worth Bike Sharing? How do your employees and/or customers participate?
Sustainability is one of the most important facets of our system. As more people incorporate bike sharing into their routines, they are helping to support our program, and at the same time supporting a sustainable initiative with long-term benefits for them individually and for their community. Our employees believe in what we do. We make an effort to lead by example, and many of us bike to work several times a week. All employees receive free bikeshare annual memberships. We provide secure, indoor parking for personal bikes as well.

What advice would you give other organizations that are trying to get their sustainability initiatives off the ground?
We like to encourage people to think outside the box when it comes to participating in sustainable initiatives. Many companies already have programs to encourage important things like recycling and water conservation, how about subsidizing the cost of a bike share membership for your employees? Bike sharing is a fun, healthy and sustainable way to support your employees and community, while boosting morale and productivity. 

Where can people learn more about Fort Worth Bike Sharing?
Visit our website - - and also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Special offer: Visit the Fort Worth Bike Sharing website and use the code greenmountain in the promo field during registration to get $15 off the annual membership. Regular price is $80.


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