Sun Club Donating More Than $422,000 on Solar Road Show

The Green Mountain Energy Sun Club® is hitting the road this morning to donate more than $422,000 to 10 non-profit organizations across Pennsylvania and New York to fund the purchase and installation of new solar projects! Starting in Pittsburgh, the Sun Club will visit each non-profit donation recipient, recognize the work they do for the community, and award solar grants.

To date, the Sun Club program has donated more than $3.4 million to build more than 900 kilowatts of solar power for 75 solar projects since 2002, made possible by contributions from Green Mountain Energy Company’s residential customers, its employees, and the company itself.

“Every one of our customers in New York and Pennsylvania helps make these solar projects possible just by choosing Green Mountain Energy Company as their electricity supplier,” said Tony Napolillo, program manager of the Sun Club. “I’m excited to see the positive impact these solar donations will have on our non-profit recipients and our planet. It’s a wonderful example of what we can achieve when hundreds of thousands of people come together towards a common goal.”

2015 Sun Club Non-Profit Recipients Announced

Green Mountain contributes to the Sun Club on behalf of every active customer in Illinois, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania. The following non-profit organizations in New York and Pennsylvania have been selected to receive Sun Club donations to install new solar projects in 2015:

New York

  • EcoStation:NY, Inc. – Brooklyn, NY // $15,000 for solar-powered generators
  • Friends of Brook Park – Bronx, NY // $10,000 for solar-powered generators
  • New Rochelle District – New Rochelle, NY // $50,000 for solar-powered public artwork
  • Tarrytown Music Hall – Tarrytown, NY // $50,000 for roof-top solar


  • Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center – Verona, PA // $50,000 for roof-top solar
  • Frick Environmental Center – Pittsburgh, PA // $63,400 for roof-top solar and educational material for onsite workshops
  • Millvale Community Library – Pittsburgh, PA // $30,000 for roof-top solar
  • Philadelphia Zoo – Philadelphia, PA // $100,000 for solar-powered trams
  • Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) – Philadelphia, PA // $40,000 for roof-top solar at East Park Revitalization Alliance’s Ridge and Natrona education space
  • Snipes Farm and Education Center – Morrisville, PA // $14,250 for solar-powered chicken coop

“Each solar donation from the Sun Club is a gift that keeps on giving, as the solar technology projects they build use the power of the sun to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce operating costs, and enable these organizations to sustainably serve their communities,” said Mike Starck, managing director of Green Mountain Energy.  “By harnessing the power of the sun, these non-profits have access to an abundant, pollution-free source of electricity.”

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