Summer Solstice Gives Dads a Bright Father’s Day

This year, Summer Solstice and Father’s Day are aligning to give dads the sunniest day of the year!

June 21st marks the astronomical and meteorological beginning of summer. This is also when the Northern Hemisphere has its longest day of 2015. What better way than to celebrate with dad?

If you’re looking for special gifts for the sustainable dad in your life, read on to discover some of our favorite ideas:

  • Power On The Go
    • Goal Zero® products harness the power of the sun to make your portable devices come to life. Check out the Rock Out® 2 Rechargeable Speakers, which always keep your favorite tunes playing, wherever you go. Just make sure you’re coupling the speakers with solar panels to charge them anytime you’re in the sunshine.
    • We also recommend the Lighthouse™ 250 Lantern, perfect for hanging while camping or cooking outside with the family!
  • Home Efficiency
    • Bring a little light to the dad in your life! While LED and CFL light bulbs may not seem like THE most exciting gift, the truth is that LED light bulbs use light emitting diodes to produce light extremely effectively. They’re more efficient, durable, versatile and longer-lasting than traditional bulbs. Check some out here.
  • Water Conservation
    • Help protect precious resources and save dad money on his monthly water bill!
    • Many homes now use efficient showerheads, but did you know that you can save water outside, too? Rachio Iro Smart Sprinkler Controllers help time your sprinkler system to help monitor and automate when you need to water, and when you don’t.

What do you plan on giving dad this Father’s Day? Share in the comments below! And enjoy the longest day of the year!

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