Paperless billing campaign saves trees

I’m a big believer in paperless billing for my own bills because it’s so much more convenient and I can’t stand the paper clutter – plus it’s good for the environment!

Here at Green Mountain Energy, we just wrapped up a campaign encouraging our Texas customers to go paperless. In less than a month, the number of our Texas customers enrolled in Tree Free billing increased by almost 60 percent! Of course, the bills we do send are printed on recycled paper and use partially soy-based inks, but the best bill is the one that doesn’t use any paper at all.

Here’s what a few of our customers think about paperless billing:

  • “It was an easy way to help the environment so why not?” – Jessica C.
  • “I went paperless because the alternative seemed down right antiquated. You might as well ask me why I didn't sign up to have my bill delivered by horse and buggy or telegraph.” – Alvaro S.
  • “I don't even print any bills.  I save copies (on my computer).” – Phillip O.
  • “I despise all the wasteful paper that comes with monthly statements and junk mail. I always say, ‘why are they killing trees?’ So if I ever have the option of going paperless, I always choose it.” – Brenda “Charlie” C.

How much of a difference can you make? If the Green Mountain community went paperless for all their bills, we could:

  • prevent an estimated 26,200 trees from being cut down every year. That’s 8.3 million lbs of wood left standing!
  • avoid the equivalent of 1,700 households’ monthly energy use and 574,300 swimming pools full of water every year.
  • avoid 1.5 million lbs of carbon dioxide emissions every year. That’s like not driving 1.6 million miles!

Pretty impressive, right? Texas customers, we invite you to go Tree Free today in My Account. Northeast customers, please check with your utility to find out how to sign up for e-billing.

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