Pairing the Force of Nature with the Strength of World-Class Athletes

We’re glad to see we are in good company with the International Olympic Committee when it comes to keeping sustainability and Mother Nature at the forefront of change.

For almost 20 years, we’ve been dedicated to protecting the environment by changing the way power is made through consumer choice. Choosing electricity generated from clean, renewable resources provides economic and environmental benefits.

Like Green Mountain, the International Olympic Committee also recognizes the importance of green stewardship with its commitment to deliver sustainability before, during and after the Games. It will do this through projects and programs that integrate three pillars – planet, people and prosperity.

One shiny example is the 2,488 Olympic medals that have been produced. The medals’ design uses laurel leaves in the form of a wreath, which was a symbol of victory in ancient Greece. And laurel leaves represent the link between the force of nature and the athletes themselves.

The athletes who win first-place honors will don a medal made from gold that has been extracted without the use of mercury and which was produced according to strict sustainability criteria.

The silver and bronze medals contain 30% recycled materials, while half of the plastic in the ribbons used to hang the medals is from recycled plastic bottles.

Even the podiums used during the medal ceremonies are made from organic materials and will be reused as furniture after the Games.

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