Enjoy the Holiday Bustle, and Keep up Your Work Hustle

The weather is cooling down, and holiday happenings are just around the corner, so we want to help you stay on top of your priorities.

Check out these productivity tips to keep you on track at the office, so you can enjoy the season’s festivities in a relaxed state of mind.

  1. Make a plan. Decide what you want to accomplish during the holiday season at home and at the office. Then, organize it in order of importance and create a schedule. It’ll be your guide for deciding what to tackle and when to do it.   Enjoy-the-Holiday-Bustle-2.jpg
  2. Put your vacation time to good use. Whether it’s party planning or gift getting that’s making your mind wander at work, use some personal time off to take care of what’s nagging you. You’ll return to your desk ready to tackle any challenge that’s facing you. Enjoy-the-Holiday-Bustle-3.jpg
  3. Realize it’s okay to say “no” sometimes. You can’t do it all. And if you try, then you could be short changing yourself at every moment. Limit yourself to a few social and career events that are important to you, and then move forward full steam ahead. Enjoy-the-Holiday-Bustle-4.jpg
  4. Keep up your workout routine. Staying in step with your CrossFit, gym or yoga schedule will keep your momentum going and your positive mojo intact. It will also help burn off any fidgety energy that could become an issue on long days at the office. Enjoy-the-Holiday-Bustle-5.jpg

No matter how busy things get during this time of year, you can always pause for the planet, and do something to put the environment first. You can choose 100% green energy to power your home or business, and get on The Nice List.

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