What Does 19 Billion Pounds of CO2 Avoided Really Mean?

Every spring, we look back at the previous year and tally up how much of a difference Green Mountain Energy customers made for the environment.  It’s always a rewarding exercise, but this year it was extra special.  Our customers had their largest annual impact EVER in 2011, avoiding 4.5 billion pounds of CO2 emissions!  That’s like taking 404,000 cars off the road for a full year.  As more people join the movement to support renewable energy, this impact will grow even further.

Once we have the most recent annual CO2 avoided, we add it to our cumulative total since Green Mountain Energy’s founding in 1997.  Overall, our customers have avoided over 19 billion pounds of CO2 by supporting renewable energy!  Here are some fun and interesting ways to think about what that really means:

  • That’s like NOT driving to the moon and back over 44,000 times (if that were possible)!
  • Like planting enough trees to fill New York City’s Central Park over 1,200 times!
  • Like every house in Texas AND New York turning off all their lights for almost a year!

If you’re a Green Mountain Energy customer, give yourself a pat on the back because by supporting renewable energy you are helping make a difference!  To see our impact growing in real time, visit www.greenmountainenergy.com and check out our recently updated impact ticker.

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