Celebrating Earth Day: How Our Customers and Employees Put the ‘Green’ in Green Mountain

Just like you, here at Green Mountain we work hard to reduce our environmental impact.  From the products that we offer to our day-to-day operations, we strive to put the ‘green’ in Green Mountain every day – and help inspire you to do the same.

To share the progress we’ve made together, we document our environmental achievements through GreenMountainEnergySustainability.com. There’s much to be proud of!

  • Our customer impact is bigger than ever. We’ve entered four new markets in the past year and expanded our community of dedicated customers.  As a result, our impact is growing!  Over the past 15 years, our customers collectively have avoided 24.5 billion pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) by choosing cleaner electricity and carbon offset products. That’s like 12.7 million households turning off all their lights for a year!  What's even more amazing, is that in 2012 our customers racked up more than 5 billion lbs of CO2 avoided!   See the difference our customers are making in By the Numbers.
  • We’re setting new standards for ourselves.  Our Austin headquarters recently earned recognition as a certified local green business through the City of Austin’s Green Business Leaders program. We’re working on upgrading our Austin office from LEED® Silver to LEED Platinum. We’ve also incorporated more efficiency efforts to reduce our overall greenhouse gas emissions across our operations. Learn more about Our Standards, including sustainability certifications and policies.
  • Sun Club Members set a shining example. Our customers who participate in the Green Mountain EnergyTM Sun ClubTM will help us donate our 50th solar installation this year, proving that solar energy is gaining momentum in helping local communities!  Since 2002, Sun Club members contributing $5 monthly to the program have helped fund more than $2.2 million in solar array donations, totaling 535 kilowatts of solar power.  See the bright future they’re helping create through the Sun Club.
  • Employees go green, too! We’ve offered programs to help employees lighten their environmental footprint for many years. Now, we’ve pulled them together under a comprehensive employee program that we’re pretty proud of – from local food delivery to discounts on solar to green commuting incentives. Check out our new and enhanced Employee Programs.

We think these are some amazing accomplishments.  Thanks for helping make this our most exciting Earth Day yet!

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