Celebrate Earth Day! Join the 30-Day Sustainability Challenge

Celebrate Earth Month with us!

Earth Day falls on Wednesday, April 22, 2015.

But why celebrate ONE day when you can celebrate EVERY day? Join us!

It’s been said that it takes anywhere from 21 to 66 days to form a habit. We figure that doing something good every day is a great way to celebrate all the Earth has given us, and to keep it top-of-mind this April.

Green Mountain employees have decided to embark on a “sustainability challenge” to improve our habits, one focused on key environmental pillars (learn more in this handy infographic) throughout the month of April. We’ll be documenting our journey on the blog, so stay tuned and follow along!


  • Katie will share how she will make sure that everything she uses or consumes in April receives a second life. So – no containers of almond milk (unless the carton gets reused), no individually-wrapped power bars, no oatmeal packets, etc.
  • What are other ways to reduce waste in your personal life?



  • In honor of our precious resource, H2O, Sarah has committed to using less water this April. She plans to abstain from plastic water bottles and shorten her showers.
  • What are other ways to save water?


  • Kenzie and Rachel are riding their bikes in the MS150 this April. What better way to prepare than to bike to work at least 2 times per week?
  • What are other ways to green-up your travel?
    • Think about green-commuter ways to get around, such as riding your bike, walking or taking public transportation when possible

Share your 30 Day Challenge ideas with your family and friends! Let’s make these green habits stick. What are you doing to live more sustainably? Share in the comments below.

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