Smart Meters Enter The Public Discourse

You’re likely familiar with smart meters (a.k.a. advanced metering), the electronic devices that record household energy consumption at regular intervals - in many cases, it's hourly. Depending on your age and/or location, you may not recall the days when meter readers had to visit your home monthly to record your household energy usage.

At Green Mountain Energy, we love smart meters! Since the conversion to smart meters is mostly complete in Texas, we’ve been able to develop products and customer benefits that are built around the unique features of these meters. One example is our weekly summary emails, which break down our Texas customers’ respective household energy usage.

In addition, without smart meters, our solar buyback plan, Renewable Rewards®, would not be possible in its current form. Knowledge is power, and without the interval energy consumption data that smart meters give consumers access to, it wouldn’t be as easy to adjust certain behaviors that help lower usage and save consumers money on their electricity bills.

Recently, the New York Times took a closer look at smart meter adoption in the U.S., and the Environmental Defense Fund also chimed in with a thought-provoking response.

We’d like to continue the conversation and find out what you think about smart meters! Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

To learn more about advanced metering, visit our FAQs page.

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