Holiday Displays Gone Wild!

It’s that time of year again when holiday lights displays are the talk of the neighborhood.  Be on the lookout for these top energy offenders – great examples of what NOT to do in order to be energy efficient!

  1. Don’t leave your beautiful holiday light display plugged in all night.  Leaving your lights on wastes an unnecessary amount of energy and significantly raises your electricity bill! Not to mention, there aren’t many people that are up at that time of the night to enjoy your hard work!
  2. Showing up second on our list of what not to do during the Holidays are the giant yard, blow-up snow globes! Keeping those bad boys up and running all day takes a heavy toll on your electricity bill, having to constantly keep the globe inflated. Something else to keep in mind if you live in Texas: inflatable snow globes can kill all the grass beneath them (and no one wants brown circles of grass all across their yard).
  3. We all have seen the jaw-dropping, holiday light shows, which are great to look at, but not so great for energy efficiency.  Let’s leave these displays to the professionals – the ones like this that earned YouTube fame are super energy drainers. You can expect to pay the big bucks for not only the lights, music, and synchronization but also for sky-high energy usage as long as the display is up.

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