Help echo our mission.

The actual Amazon has trees. Trees are green. We’re Green Mountain Energy.

But believe it or not, that cumbersome and sloppy connection isn’t the reason we decided to plug our Earth-first mentality and knowledge into Amazon Alexa. Instead, we did it to help you be a little more sustainable in your everyday life by offering you an eco-friendly tip of the day.

We made the Green Mountain Energy skill for one simple, shiny reason. While we continue on our mission of changing the way power is made, these eco-friendly tips of the day are a great way for you to do the little things to make the future brighter.

Now, Alexa can’t legally tell you what to do. That’s just Law 101.

But when she enlightens you on the fact that recycling just half of your household waste can save thousands of pounds of emitted CO2,* maybe you’ll think twice the next time you try to go full-on pro basketball player and dunk your empty water bottle in the plain-old trash.

The skill also might encourage you to close the blinds in your home on the south and west sides when you leave for the day to keep the sun out and the inside temp (and your AC bill) down. Cool, right? Just little things like that make a big difference on our planet and, in some cases, your wallet.

At this point, you’re probably at least wondering, “Okay, sounds kind of neat – how do I get it?”

Glad you metaphorically asked.

First, you have to have an Amazon Echo. If you already have it, just head to the Amazon app on your phone or computer, search “Green Mountain Energy” and click “Enable.” And bam! It’ll automatically be accessible on all of your Alexa devices. Help-echo-our-mission-2.jpg

Just ask Alexa any of these phrases:

  • “Alexa, ask Green Mountain for the eco-tip of the day.”
  • “Alexa, open Green Mountain.”
  • “Alexa, ask Green Mountain for a tip.”

Have a listen:

From boiling your pasta more sustainably to treating and eating your food more organically, our Alexa Skill is a one-stop shop for a simple, friendly reminder to help you help our planet, one Green Mountain eco-friendly tip at a time.

And remember, if you’re not already doing so, one of the best ways to help your planet is by signing up for a 100% clean energy plan for your home with Green Mountain. You’ll be echoing our mission.

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