Employees compete to reduce Carbon footprint

Green Mountain Energy employees in our offices across the country wrapped up our inaugural Green Commuter Challenge last week.

The results were staggering!

A record 125 employees—roughly a fifth of our employees—collectively avoided more than 37,300 miles by biking, walking, carpooling, taking public transit and driving cleaner vehicles to and from work in October.  More than half of our offices saw at least a quarter of their employees taking a green commute during the Challenge. Our Portland office led the charge with more than 40 percent of its employees participating.

To put the environmental impact into perspective, the 22,200 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions avoided by our green commuters over the past month alone is the equivalent of 12 households turning off their lights for a year!

Our grand prize winner, Austin Martinez, is a sales enrollment and recovery specialist who walks to work at our office in Manhattan every day. Many employees tried a green commute for the first time, and several have become converts to biking and taking the bus to work.

Employees won’t have to wait a year to be rewarded for their environmentally friendlier commuting choices. We offer year-round prizes to staff that join our ongoing Green Commuter Program, too. In fact, participation in the ongoing program has more than doubled since before the Challenge. It’s just another way Green Mountain Energy encourages employees to walk the walk, literally!

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