Customer Spotlight: The Hill Differentiates Itself by Being Green

The Hill, one of our newest commercial customers in the Dallas area, puts an emphasis on conservation and sustainable practices. This Dallas-area retail space—composed of shops and eateries, along with health and beauty service businesses—joined our mission of changing the way power is made, thanks to choosing 100% pollution-free electricity.

“We care about the environment and have a vested interest in reducing our carbon footprint,” said Matthew Gilmore, director at EB Arrow and asset manager for The Hill.

The hope is to set a good example so that others will follow.

“We wanted to be an awareness platform for our community,” Matthew said. “We know that many of our tenants believe in sustainability and being eco-friendly, so we hope to inspire others with our eco-efforts.”

The Hill was originally built in the 1970s but officially reopened in 2018 with an emphasis on green retrofits versus starting over. The Hill team took advantage of the property’s architecture and character instead of building something new, shiny and bigger (which is the trend in site development for this area). The team’s goal was to differentiate the space by being eco-conscious.

“We redeveloped the existing property rather than starting over. We chose 100% clean electricity, used LED lighting, set up recycling and composting initiatives, installed Tesla Supercharger electric charging stations and constructed a dedicated green space that preserved lots of old oak trees,” Matthew said.

A component of its conservation efforts was to use a modern mix of recycled spaces, creating a unique and eco-friendly experience for its guests.


“We’re a one-of-a-kind shopping and dining experience in this area,” Matthew said. “And we’re proving that being green can be cool.”

To reduce its carbon footprint and green its daily operations, The Hill partnered with Green Mountain Energy to use clean, renewable electricity for its energy needs.

“We hope to drastically reduce our CO2 emissions over the life of our partnership with Green Mountain,” Matthew said. “We want to contribute to a cleaner world.”

You can learn more about how The Hill emphasizes sustainability, or see what shops appeal to you when you visit its site.

If your business is looking to shrink its carbon footprint or green its daily operations, Green Mountain Energy can customize sustainability solutions to meet your company’s needs, no matter how big or small. You can also find green guidance for your business in the blogs 8 Sustainable Tips for Small Businesses and Environmental Initiatives Boost Bottom Lines.

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