BMW Partners with Green Mountain Energy Company to Provide Renewable Energy for Electric Vehicles

We’re excited to announce that BMW has selected Green Mountain Energy Company to help its BMW ActiveE drivers support clean, renewable energy sources! The ActiveE drivers, proudly nick-named “Electronauts,” now have the opportunity to purchase renewable energy certificates from Green Mountain for the electricity used to charge their vehicles.

The ActiveE is an exclusive series driven by 700 Electronauts across seven U.S. cities. Each electric vehicle (EV) comes with a two-year lease, and BMW uses the feedback from these drivers to continue developing best in class, sustainable vehicles.

ActiveE drivers that purchase renewable energy from Green Mountain via a one time purchase to cover their estimated electricity usage for charging will offset 9,900 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) during the course of their two-year lease!   That’s like not driving 11,000 miles in a conventional gas-powered car or 2,900 houses turning off all of their lights for one day.

Electronauts ready to start their emissions-free engines can visit to sign up.

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