We’re Back as the Exclusive Carbon Offset Provider for SXSW Eco

Since 2011, Green Mountain Energy has been the only renewable energy company to offset the carbon emissions produced by attendee travel to SXSW Eco. That’s six years of sourcing enough carbon offsets to balance out the estimated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that come from the cars, planes, buses and trains used by event attendees. During last year’s gathering, more than 641 metric tons of GHG were offset!

We’re on a mission to change the way power is made by offering consumers the choice of cleaner energy. We’re the longest-serving renewable energy retailer, and to date, our customers have avoided almost 50 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

And since it’s an election year, we’re letting America know that there is a new party in town. The Clean Energy Party is on the campaign trail to encourage consumers across America to join the movement and power their homes affordably and sustainably with wind and solar power. If you aren’t already doing your part to make America green again, start today. Sign up for renewable energy for your home or business.

At the event, attendees can visit the Green Mountain Energy Make America Green Again lounge. There’s an interactive experience that highlights the positive impact that’s made when people choose to be eco-conscious and planet friendly.

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