8 Sustainable Tips for Small Businesses

Your small business can take an active role in bettering our environment. Having your business become more ecologically aware and sustainably savvy is very doable. There are avenues to take that let you see immediate results and paths that can provide lasting value.

Quick wins

  • Make recycled paper a must. Whether it’s flyers, advertisements or event invites, be sure your business is using recycled paper. And let the consumer know. You’ll help attract eco-conscious customers that want to align themselves with like-minded businesses.
  • Bookmark TheGreenOffice.com. This online retailer labels and ranks its 40,000 office product/service offerings by greenness.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle. Motivate your coworkers to become more eco-minded with their office behaviors.
  • Increase renewable electricity use. The Green Power Partnership Program encourages organizations to use green power as a way to reduce the negative environmental impacts that come from using electricity from conventional sources. 

Long-term strategies

  • Make energy efficient upgrades. The Small Business Guide to Energy Efficiency provides advice and resources to help you maximize energy efficiency in your building, which can save you money and help the environment. 
  • Automation vs. manual work. From running reports to writing customer emails, is it technology or people that makes the most sense for saving your company time and energy? Find out in the blog post Software vs. human?
  • Develop an EMS. An Environmental Management System aids organizations in developing practices that increase operating efficiencies while reducing environmental impacts.
  • Inventory and manage your greenhouse gas emissions. The first step to minimizing your business’ greenhouse gas emissions is to measure how many are being produced. Once you have an understanding of how much is being produced and from where, you can utilize technical tools and tested resources to reduce your emissions. 

Green Mountain Energy has simple and impactful solutions for your small business.

Taking control of your energy operating expenses can be very beneficial to your bottom line. The EnTouch Energy Management System gives businesses that ability with features like easy installation, remote management, an intuitive interface and other straightforward features.

Investing in rooftop solar is an impactful energy choice, too. It delivers clean energy to your business and provides significant long-term energy savings because of the fixed energy rate for the life of your systems – about 25 years.

Another simple, quick and immediate step you can take is to switch to renewable energy for your electricity needs. Sourcing electricity generated from clean sources, such as wind and solar, plays a vital role in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Our plans offer anywhere from 10 to 100 percent renewable energy content so your business can reduce its environmental impact. Get started today.

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