5 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

To grow your customer base or to increase your volume of sales, you can leverage easy, no-cost marketing strategies to promote your small or medium-sized business. Check out these five pointers for marketing ideas:

  • Take note of what your customers are saying. Customer feedback can help guide what tweaks should be made to your product/service or fulfillment process. Set up multiple channels to get your customers’ perspectives (for example: social media, “contact us” feature on your site, email and in-person). 5-marketing-tips-for-2.jpg
  • Be the expert. Local newspapers and magazines covering your industry need knowledgeable professionals as sources for stories and articles. It’s a good way to gain media coverage for your business. You can also consider speaking engagements in your community. Many organizations and civic groups need qualified subject-matter experts for events and presentations.  5-marketing-tips-for-3.jpg
  • Connect with your customers. Develop blogs, how-to videos and social media posts to engage your customers. Offer timely and relevant content that fits their needs. You’ll score a bonus when customers influence their networks by sharing and promoting your posts.  5-marketing-tips-for-4.jpg
  • Ask for referrals. If you’ve teamed up with another business in the area, ask them to refer you to other shop owners who could use your services. And keep in mind that offering retail customers discounts on purchases can increase the likelihood of referrals within their network of friends.  5-marketing-tips-for-5.jpg
  • Publicize your green efforts. Be sure that your customers know how you are taking an active role in helping the environment. Our blog “Set Your Business Apart From the Competition by Leveraging Green Efforts” provides guidance on how to help your company stand out. And we make it easy to green your business with electricity plans that feature anywhere from 10-100% renewable energy.  5-marketing-tips-for-6.jpg

When considering how to implement these new marketing tactics, remember to stay true to your company’s persona and the ways in which customers identify with your product/service. Stay relevant, remember your vision and stick to what you know when promoting your shop.

For more eco-conscious business tips, check out the blog “8 Sustainable Tips for Small Businesses,” or to understand why sustainability initiatives are important to your business, read “Environmental Initiatives Boost Bottom Lines.”

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