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Future of Wind Energy

4 Things You Need to Know About the Future of Wind Energy

Why is wind energy important for the future? By capturing the inexhaustible, renewable power of the wind, we have a cleaner way to power our homes and lives. That’s a win for the planet and all of its inhabitants. And good news! The future of wind energy is here and now. Wind energy is created…

5 Friends We All Have on Social Media

Whether you’re a fan of social media or you rarely find yourself scrolling, chances are you’ve probably come across these five types of friends.

Our love letter to the planet.

The goal of Green Mountain’s blog is to advance our mission by being open and honest about sustainability. By providing a space to talk about clean energy and its importance, we aim to elevate environmental awareness and encourage action for our planet. We love supporting our customers’ steps toward sustainable living and believe that they, too, can show others how to go green and grow their impact. For us, it’s all about igniting positive change so that we all can choose a cleaner planet.

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