Go green and live sustainably. We’ll show you how.

The Green Mountain Energy blog is your path to explore the world of clean energy and learn ways to live more sustainably after you go green. Our blog offers updates on green living, solar energy, sustainable businesses and community news, as well as Green Mountain business news and Sun Club.

Eco-Friendly Fourth of July Tips

This year, it’s all about the red, white, and blue — but helping make it green. See how your celebration and cookout can have a positive impact on the planet.

Nonprofits Going the Extra Mile

Sun Club is embracing the community during these challenging times. Read about the feel-good stories, positive vibes and sustainable acts in this post.

More Than Just an Energy Company

We’re more than the company behind your electricity — we’re helping the planet, too. See how we’re putting our environmental responsibility into action.

Green Living Tips: The Animal Lover

Pet parents, you can practice green living with your furry friend. We’re pairing your passion with ours in a new blog series featuring sustainability tips and tricks.

Our love letter to the planet.

The goal of Green Mountain’s blog is to advance our mission by being open and honest about sustainability. By providing a space to talk about clean energy and its importance, we aim to elevate environmental awareness and encourage action for our planet. We love supporting our customers’ steps toward sustainable living and believe that they, too, can show others how to go green and grow their impact. For us, it’s all about igniting positive change so that we all can choose a cleaner planet.

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