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Meet the
Green Mountain App.

It's finally here! The Green Mountain Energy App gives you the power to conveniently manage your account. Pay your bill, view your usage and celebrate your green impact effortlessly.
Watch a demo to see instant account access on the go, or download it now.

Convenient account access

Billing features let you pay your bill, check your balance and review billing and payment history.
Manage account services like Auto Pay, Average Billing, Tree Free Billing and Green Mountain Driver, and sign up to support Green Mountain Energy Sun Club®.
Manage your plan by accessing plan details and important documents or by shopping for a new plan.

Dynamic usage graphs

Compare your usage with interactive graphs showing trends, costs and weather impacts.
Interactive options let you pick between a bar graph or heat map for your usage information.

Green living rewards

Earn badges for helping the planet by greening up your life.
Track your personal impact for preventing CO2 and making a difference. See your individual number grow and learn about comparisons for planting trees, taking cars off the road and recycling newspapers.
Download the Green Mountain App
to keep you in the know.