Wrapping Paper Doesn’t Have to Go to Waste

Thinking about recycling the wrapping paper? You can take your green efforts a step further. By using the wrapping paper in fun, purposeful and decorative ways, you’ll earn your spot on The Nice List.

  • Shred it for use as confetti at your New Year’s celebration.
  • Use it for padding when you need to ship something, when storing fragile decorations and other family heirlooms, or when boxing next year’s holiday gifts.
  • Creatively cut shapes and designs to make streamers, banners and decorations for the next birthday party or family gathering.
  • Make lining for your drawers or for the backdrop of your bookcases.
  • Cut and affix some pieces together to make a notepad for your grocery shopping lists.
  • Arts and crafts with the kids: Create bookmarks, use as drawing paper or practice safety scissor techniques.

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