Top 10 Tips for a Sustainable Summer

School’s out, the summer solstice is days away and the July 4th holiday is on the horizon. Summer is here!

Follow these tips to make sure you do your part to help the environment during these hot months ahead.

  1. Conserve water: Help prevent drought conditions by following these tips. LINK
  2. Green landscaping: According to this EPA article, models devised by the U.S. Department of Energy “predict that the proper placement of as few as three shade trees will save an average household $100-$250 in energy costs each year.”
  3. Close your shades: Keep the temperature low in your home and save energy by keeping your shades drawn during the day to avoid absorbing heat from the sun. Your A/C unit will thank you!
  4. Nest is best! With a Google Nest Learning ThermostatTM for your home, you can adjust the temperature remotely via mobile devices, and it will learn from your schedule what times to raise and lower your house temperature to help you conserve energy.  LINK
  5. Sun dry: Instead of running the dryer and wasting energy, take advantage of the warm weather, sunny skies and summer breeze by air drying your clothes outside on a line.
  6. Going camping? Go green! Follow these simple tips like staying on the hiking trail to make sure you take care of Mother Nature while you’re enjoying the wilderness. LINK
  7. Buy ENERGY STAR appliances: Summer is a popular time to move, start remodels and make big-ticket purchases. If you’re planning to purchase an appliance, look for the ENERGY STAR label. According to information from the EPA, if your appliance has that label it will consume between 13%-40% less energy than conventional appliances. Visit our Energy SaverStore HERE to view products.
  8. Green grilling: Planning some fun summer barbeques with friends and family? Use a propane gas grill, which burns cleaner than wood or charcoal. Learn more HERE.
  9. Stay thirsty: But don’t cycle through water bottles. Be sure to keep filling a reusable water bottle. It’s easy to do and you’ll substantially reduce your waste output, even if you’re recycling.
  10. Unplug: Relax and find time to detach from all of your electronic devices. Make sure to unplug your power cords when you’re not using them to conserve energy. A little bit of energy savings can go a long way!