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Looking for energy providers in Massachusetts? You can choose where to get the energy you use to power your home or business — and you can help the environment with a 100% renewable energy plan from Green Mountain Energy. Enter your ZIP code below to find clean energy plans in Massachusetts powered by the sun and wind that are available to you.

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Benefits of choosing Green Mountain Energy:

Green Mountain Energy provides 100% clean electricity produced from renewable sources — the wind and the sun. By choosing a renewable energy plan from us, you’re joining a growing group of consumers who want to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Plus, you’re helping to support the development of new U.S. facilities that can produce more clean energy to meet this growing demand.

Among Massachusetts renewable energy suppliers, we stand out thanks to our commitment to sustainability, our variety of clean energy plans and our history serving consumers in the state.


Our 100% renewable energy plans help you be kind to the planet.

Serving Bay Staters

We’ve been bringing clean energy to Massachusetts residents for many years.

Greener grid

Wind- and solar-powered plans help support a cleaner grid.

More about signing up with Green Mountain Energy

Whether you’re new to the state or a longtime resident, choosing us as your Massachusetts electricity provider means you’re living a greener lifestyle. Learn more about enrolling below.

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Why choose renewable power?

What kinds of plans are available to me?

How do I switch to Green Mountain Energy?

How soon will my service begin?

Will the power go out while I’m waiting for my Green Mountain Energy service to begin? Do I have to install any equipment?


"My energy is clean and reliable, and I have been a customer for years. Using Green Mountain for power is something easy and within reach that everyone could and should do to do their part to keep our environment clean."

Types of renewable energy plans in Massachusetts:

For sustainably sourced electricity, we have you covered. In Massachusetts, wind and solar energy plans are available and can help reduce your carbon footprint. Green Mountain Energy offers clean energy solutions throughout the state — we invite you to check out our residential and commercial Massachusetts energy prices and variety of plan options, including:

Pollution Free™ Reliable Rate

Avoid price increases by locking in your price for up to 12 months and protect the environment by using 100% clean, renewable, national wind energy in your Massachusetts home.

SolarSPARC™ 10%

Benefit from the promise of solar energy without installing anything on your home. In addition to powering your home with renewable energy (90% national wind and 10% national solar), we contribute $4 every month for each of our customers to support initiatives to make solar more affordable, effective and available.

See the clean energy plans available in your area.

Massachusetts has energy choices.

In 1998, the Massachusetts electricity market gave energy providers the ability to compete for your business. Now, you have the power to choose your electricity supplier and where your energy comes from. Your utility still distributes electricity to homes and businesses, and maintains the poles and wires, but it no longer has a monopoly on the energy supply market. Utility customers like yourself are free to choose from among the Massachusetts energy suppliers. By opting for clean, renewable electricity from Green Mountain Energy, you’re making a difference for the planet and greening your lifestyle.

We provide affordable Massachusetts electricity prices in these communities:

  • Boston, MA
  • Springfield, MA
  • Worcester, MA
  • Salem, MA
  • Greenfield, MA
  • Newburyport, MA
  • Pittsfield, MA
  • Plymouth, MA
  • Provincetown, MA
  • Amherst, MA

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Does “electricity choice” mean I get to pick any utility I want?

Is Green Mountain Energy a competitor of my utility?

Electricity suppliers vs. utility companies in Massachusetts

Energy deregulation in Massachusetts required the utility companies, like Eversource Energy and National Grid Mass, to separate from the energy generation facilities. Now, utility companies own the power lines and pipelines and are responsible for transporting energy to you, the consumer. Massachusetts energy suppliers, like Green Mountain Energy, operate independently of the utility companies. Your utility company is assigned to you based on geography, but through that utility, you can buy energy from any supplier you choose.

Massachusetts utilities providing Green Mountain Energy include:

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? We have answers for you! Find out additional info about us and how billing works.

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How long has Green Mountain Energy been doing business in Massachusetts?

Why should I choose Green Mountain Energy over other electricity suppliers?

What is Green Mountain Energy doing to help the environment in Massachusetts?

How does billing work?

Will I get a separate electricity bill from Green Mountain Energy? Who do I pay?

Can I still pay my electricity bill online?

Will my billing remain on the same schedule as it is now?

I’m on a budget billing plan with my utility. Will I lose that if I switch to Green Mountain Energy?

Lower your carbon footprint with renewable energy.

Join the Green Mountain Energy community today to start lowering your carbon footprint and making a difference for the planet. Together, we can create a cleaner, greener tomorrow. To power your home sustainably, sign up online or contact our customer service team to get started.


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