How to Read Your Bill

Let us shed some light on your Green Mountain Energy® electricity bill. Click on the bill image below to learn more, or learn more about how to pay your bill.

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Account Information

Here's where you'll find all the key details about your account. Anytime you contact us, we'll need your full account number, including the number after the dash. The ESI ID is your electric service identifier. This number is unique to your meter. If you have more than one ESI ID, each will have its own page inside the bill.

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Billing Summary

Look here first! This might not be your favorite part, but it's the most important… We know that no one really likes paying bills, but at least you can feel good knowing that you're helping the environment with each payment you make.

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Your Environmental Impact

Every month counts! Thanks for doing your part…

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Electricity Usage Summary

How much you use makes a difference in how much you pay. See how much electricity you used this month compared to last month and this time last year. You can get even more details than what we could squeeze in here by logging into My Account anytime, anywhere. Plus, your Green Mountain View email will give you a weekly snapshot of your usage and help you project how much you'll owe before your next bill arrives.

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How to Pay Your Bill

Pay Online

Pay your bill online at no charge with Green Mountain or from your bank's website. Most banks offer online options for paying your bills – check yours for availability. Plus, don't forget to enroll in Tree Free billing to receive your Green Mountain Energy® invoice electronically, straight to your inbox. You can always view your bill anytime in My Account.


AutoPay is the hassle-free way to pay. Have your monthly account balance automatically deducted from your banking account or credit card of choice each month. Enroll today through My Account.

Pay by Mail

Return payment and the receipt enclosed with the bill to: P.O. Box 660305, Dallas, TX 75266-0305.

Pay by Phone

You can pay with a credit card or checking account through our automated system at 1-866-785-4668 anytime, anywhere, at no charge. You’re welcome to pay with a live phone agent for a processing fee of $5.95.

Pay In Person

Pay in person at all CheckFreePay station locations. View a complete list here. Please bring your remittance slip, which is required for payment. A $1.50 convenience fee will be assessed.

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Bill Payment Assistance Program

Want to lend a helping hand? You can make a voluntary donation to a program that helps low-income households pay their electricity bills. Just check the box, write in the donation amount and add that amount to your payment.

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Click on the bill image below to learn more.

Important Information Details Image Map

Important Information

If we need to let you know about something else, you can find it in this section below the standard messages you'll see each month.

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    • Your electric service identifier, also called ESI or ESI ID, is unique to your meter. The cleaner energy plan you're on today is listed here. You can learn more about other plans in the Products and Services section of My Account.
    • The Current Meter Read is the date of your last meter read by the utility, and the reading in kWh (actual or estimated).
    • The Energy Charge is a simple calculation - the amount of kWh you used multiplied by the per-kWh rate.
    • The Base Charge, if listed, is a charge assessed by Green Mountain during each billing cycle without regard to your demand or energy consumption.
    • The Gross Receipts Tax Reimbursement is a fee assessed to recover the miscellaneous gross receipts tax imposed on retail electric providers operating in certain areas.
    • Sales Tax is collected by authorized taxing authorities, such as the state, cities and special purpose districts.
    • The average price you paid this month reflects all fixed and variable recurring charges. However, this per-kWh rate does not include sales taxes, gross receipts tax reimbursement or any nonrecurring charges or credits.
    • The Balance Forward is any amount carried over from previous months that you didn't already pay. Learn more about the charges on your bill at our glossary of terms. Any non-electricity charges and credits will be explained in a separate section below your electricity charges.

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Our Standards for Your Paper Bill

It's easy to sign up for Tree Free billing in My Account, but if you need a paper bill, you can feel good knowing it meets our high environmental standards. Learn more at the sustainability section of our website. p.s. Please consider signing up for Tree Free billing - you'll still get anytime, anywhere access to your bill in My Account, and it helps save trees!

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