Philadelphia EV owners can apply for parking spaces

In the past decade, electric vehicles (EVs) have grown from a curiosity to a popular choice for many automobile owners.

In 2013, sales of EVs in the U.S. grew 300 percent relative to 2012. This year, sales are expected to surpass 1 percent of all new car sales in the U.S.

One factor driving that progress is the expansion of charging stations. Tesla Motors has plans for a nationwide Supercharger network, and eVgo has stations in California, Texas and the mid-Atlantic region. (Note: With our Pollution Free™ Electric Vehicle plan, Texas residents can take advantage of eVgo charging solutions while fueling their EV and home with 100 percent wind energy).

The price point of EVs is declining, and the appeal crosses all demographics, from suburban families with garages to city dwellers who rely on street parking. So how do people who live in urban areas manage the hassle of finding parking spaces with chargers near their residences?

One solution might be in Philadelphia, where you can apply for a parking permit to have an EV parking space installed near your home. The City of Brotherly Love is not passing out these permits for free, however. There is an application fee, an installation fee and a yearly renewal fee. In addition, you can’t claim the spot for yourself. Any EV owner can occupy the space if it’s available. Non-EVs cannot park in these spaces, though.

Own an electric vehicle but don’t live in Philly? Check with your local parking authority to learn about options available near you. You can also check out PlugShare for a real-time map of charging stations across North America.

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