4 Ways to Honor Earth Day and Increase Your Environmental Impact

As a Green Mountain Energy customer, you believe in taking care of the planet every single day. Powering your home or business with 100% clean energy can help the planet. In honor of Earth Day, you can have a positive effect on the environment and reduce your carbon footprint by signing up for one or more of our eco-friendly products.

  • Tree Free Billing
  • Green Mountain Driver
  • Ready, Set, Relax
  • Sun Club

You can help the planet with the convenience of Tree Free Billing. By viewing your bills electronically in your My Account, you will eliminate excess paper waste and enjoy a stress-free customer experience. In fact, if all of our customers went paperless, we could prevent cutting down over 22,000 trees annually. Sign up today.

Texas is a big state, so that means lots of time in your vehicle, which isn’t good for the environment. When you sign up for Green Mountain Driver, your monthly payment of $5.99 will offset 9,584 pounds of CO2., the annual amount of carbon emissions for the average driver of a gas-powered vehicle. It’s another way for you to go above and beyond when helping our planet. Learn more.

Your thermostat settings make a big difference in your electricity usage, especially when the weather gets wacky here in Texas. When you enroll your smart thermostat in Ready, Set, Relax, we will automatically adjust the settings during extreme temperatures so you can use less energy, even if you aren’t at home. You will also get a $50 bill credit if you sign up before April 30, 2024 (or a $20 bill credit after that). Learn more.

With the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club, it’s like Earth Day every day! Since 2002, our charitable program has invested in nonprofit organizations pursuing sustainability projects that improve the planet. Join us in donating funds, time and expertise to make the world a better place. Learn more.

You’re already doing more than most people simply by using 100% renewable energy in your home or business as a Green Mountain Energy customer. However, it’s essential that each of us looks for every opportunity to enhance the effect you have on the Earth, especially on Earth Day.

Sign up today with all four of these programs today to help the planet as you lower your carbon emissions!
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