Give the Gift of Adventure

It’s the time of year where showing your love is on everyone’s mind. How about going the nontraditional route and give an experience versus a gift?

Doing something—an experience—creates a cherished memory. Plus, opting for an activity over a physical gift means you are helping minimize transportation and manufacturing needs, which means less CO2 emissions!

Our list of memory-making experiences lets you explore the beautiful great outdoors while spending time with those you love.

give-the-gift-of-adventure-2.jpg For adventure seekers, you might consider a hot-air balloon ride, a zip line tree course or a deep-sea fishing trip.

give-the-gift-of-adventure-3.jpg Share the beauty, wonder and history of our land with a national park gift membership.

give-the-gift-of-adventure-4.jpg Enjoy dinner outside. Chances are you’ll find yourself (and your loved one) enjoying an evening breeze with appetizers, savoring the main course at sunset and then dessert underneath the stars.

give-the-gift-of-adventure-5.jpg Keep it simple with a trip to the beach. Visit your favorite coastline, but skip the shovels, towels and bathing suits. Simply roll up your pant legs and enjoy a stroll along the beach or climb on the rock jetties. You’ll find yourself focusing on one another and not fumbling with all the “necessary” gear.

give-the-gift-of-adventure-6.jpg Visit an outdoor theater to listen to music, hear a concert or watch a show.

give-the-gift-of-adventure-7.jpg Explore your city riding a bike. You’ll see a whole new perspective, burn a few calories and will be doing it emissions-free.

give-the-gift-of-adventure-8.jpg Pack a picnic. Gather some fruit and cheese—organic, of course— and claim your spot underneath a shady oak tree.

After some outdoor quality time with your favorite person, show the planet some love by doing your part to protect it. Sign up for a 100% pollution-free electricity plan because using clean energy lets the planet know you care.

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