Don’t Get Tricked by Energy-Saving Myths

It’s the time of year when ghostly greetings and haunted happenings fill the air. In fact, we’ve heard some ghastly ideas for how to save energy.

We’re shining a light on some energy-saving myths that have been lurking in the shadows for far too long. Check out how a little hocus-pocus and myth-busting can turn these myths into helpful tips for how to conserve energy this fall and winter.

  1. We can just turn off our heating/cooling unit to save energy.
    Once you turn your system back on, it has to work even harder to rebalance the temperature and air flow. A programmable thermostat can help. Once it’s properly installed and set up, you can save more than $100 a year on energy costs.
  2. If the device is off, we aren’t pulling electricity from the wall.
    This one definitely fits the season because the energy drawn by some turned-off appliances/devices is known as a vampire load. Even when you unplug your phone or laptop from the charger, electricity is still being consumed at the plug.
  3. Close the vents when you leave the room.
    Closing vents in unoccupied rooms creates an imbalance in airflow, causing your heating/cooling system to work harder.
  4. I can’t add more insulation now that the walls are up.
    It’s important for your home to have the insulation thickness or R-value it needs. Only then can the insulation do its job properly. Doing a few home repairs during the fall season, can help you conserve energy and keep the warm air in. Spray foam or blown cellulose insulation are great options for retrofitting scenarios.
  5. Let’s turn off the heater and sit by the fireplace.
    This is a nice occasional treat, but don’t let this become a habit. The fireplace damper actually lets in lots of outside air, creating a drop in your home’s temperature (which means your system will have to work harder once it’s turned back on).
  6. Why do you have the fan on? It’s not summertime.
    Actually, reversing the direction on your ceiling fan during the cooler months can push the warm air down from the ceiling to the floor. This can help the entire room feel warmer.

Now that you’ve uncovered what’s fact and fiction, get more details about how to save energy (and money) this fall and winter with our energy-efficiency tips.

You can also practice living a clean truth by choosing 100% pollution-free electricity. Choosing an electricity plan powered by clean, renewable energy lets you shrink your carbon footprint, support a greener grid and cut down on pollution.

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