What Can You Do With 3,600 Seconds of Daylight Every Evening?

Daylight savings time arrives on March 12, and you’ll find yourself with one more hour of daylight every evening to enjoy the sun and get a little more done. Do any of these ideas make your I-wish-there-was-just-a-little-more-daylight-today list?

  1. Family walk – enjoy a stroll outside with your loved ones. It always feels good to stay active and unplug from devices for a little bit. Plus, you’ll have an extra hour to soak up that vitamin D.
  2. Switch up your exercise routine – break away from the gym or DVDs in your living room now that you’ve got an extra hour of daylight every evening, and take that workout outside. Find a grassy lawn for some crunches, stairs for running sprints or just your neighborhood sidewalks for taking a stroll.
  3. Reconnect – stop and chat with a neighbor at the mailbox or drop by a friend’s house in the evening, knowing that you’ll still make it to your living room couch before it’s dark out.
  4. Bike to work – if work and home are nearby, try replacing your commute in the car with a bike ride to and from work. You’ll be able to watch a beautiful sunset on your way home.
  5. Try a new sport – whether you like golf, tennis or dodgeball, spring is a great time to take up a new hobby. Intramural leagues and group lessons usually start up this time of year after a winter siesta, so grab a friend or make some new ones.
  6. Keep weekends fun – knock out a weekend errand on the way home from work or from carpooling the kids to and from school, now that you won’t be fighting daylight. That way you’ll have a wide-open weekend for fun.

As spring kicks in and daylight gets longer, be sure to enjoy time in the beautiful outdoors. You can show your appreciation for the beautiful view by helping to keep it that way — you can start powering your home with clean energy.

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