Lights Out for Daylight Hour

Green Mountain offices across the country are going dark in recognition of Daylight Hour on Friday, June 19th! This annual event hosted by Building Energy Exchange asks businesses worldwide to turn out their lights for one hour in the afternoon to conserve energy, and Green Mountain is going to celebrate by letting the daylight in.

Most offices leave their lights on even when they are not needed, and work space spaces near exterior walls often receive enough daylight to work by without the help of electric light. This abundance of daylight happens to coincide with peak demand – the time when business districts are demanding the most energy from the grid. A recent study conducted by Building Energy Exchange found that owners and tenants in New York City alone could save $70 million every year by introducing daylight responsive lighting systems!

Green Mountain has offices in seven states across the country, including New York. We use 100% renewable energy in all of our offices and offset our combined corporate carbon footprint each year, but we couldn’t help but wonder – how hard would it be to work without electric light for one hour?

If you want to participate in Daylight Hour, learn more on their website, and be sure to tag your experiences with #DaylightHour!

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