Green Mountain Employees Dig in to Do Good

Trees are good for a number of reasons. We know they are good for the environment by reducing air pollution and help us breathe by providing oxygen, but did you also know they help reduce urban heat, water, noise and light pollution? They also serve as a home to wildlife, reduce commuter stress, increase property values and enhance a city’s beauty.

Trees provide so much value, especially to urban areas, so Green Mountain Energy is partnering with Trees For Houston to give back 500 trees to the Houston area.

To offset the paper used in an upcoming mailer, we’re working with Trees For Houston to replenish the use of those natural resources by purchasing 475 trees that will be planted throughout the city.

In addition to offsetting our paper use, Green Mountain employee volunteers recently stepped away from the office and planted 25 trees in Houston’s EaDo district. The oak and pine trees planted are native to the region and will provide benefits to the area today and for years to come.

Supporting the planting of more trees closely aligns with Green Mountain’s vision. Since 1997, we’ve been using the power of consumer choice to change the way power is made. We’re 100% committed to providing clean energy to residents and businesses, protecting the environment and operating our company sustainably. GME-Dig-in-to-do-2.jpg GME-Dig-in-to-do-3.jpg GME-Dig-in-to-do-4.jpg GME-Dig-in-to-do-5.jpg

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