Solar with Green Mountain Driver Plan

Make your ride and home more sustainable with 100% solar energy plus carbon offsets.

From home sweet home to the wide-open road, the Solar with Green Mountain Driver plan helps Texas residents keep it green. When you sign up, you’ll get 100% solar energy for your home plus the added bonus of offsetting your car’s emissions.

You’ll offset 9,584 pounds of carbon emissions each year by investing in certified carbon-offset projects in the United States. That’s the amount a gas-powered passenger vehicle emits each year while driving the U.S. average of over 11,599 miles per vehicle.

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Benefits of the Solar with Green Mountain Driver plan

Reduce your carbon footprint, and help keep our future clean with a plan that’s environmentally friendly on two fronts.

Clean energy

Power your home with 100% solar energy.

Carbon offsets

Get certified carbon offsets to green your ride.

Price security

Enjoy a term plan with a fixed rate.

How we offset your vehicle's emissions

The high-quality carbon offset projects supported by this plan are independently certified by the Climate Action Reserve or the Verified Carbon Standard. These certifications ensure that the carbon offsets Green Mountain Energy purchases are real, permanent and verifiable. All offsets purchased through the Solar with Green Mountain Driver plan will continue to be subject to our annual, voluntary third-party audit.

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