Don’t just take our word for it. See what a few of our customers have to say about going green with us. We’re happy to have a community of customers who are helping the planet every day with clean energy.


Dallas, TX

"The setup was seamless, the product is great, it feels good being green and I now try to be more energy-efficient too."

Product Type: Pollution Free e-Plus 12 Preferred



"They made setup, paperless billing and AutoPay a breeze. I love the weekly usage summaries—they make budgeting a snap. Plus, when you install your smart thermostat, you can see your savings right away."

Product Type: Pollution Free 24 Preferred



"Great service and always willing to help when you call."



"I've had Green Mountain Energy for two years now. I first started by choosing the month-to-month plan because I didn't want a cancellation fee and because they had a $100 gift card if you stayed with them for 90 days. Haven't switched to another energy company and don't plan to."

Product Type: Pollution Free


Plano, TX

"Selected Green Mountain for the price and to be more aware of my carbon footprint. Very happy with my service. I appreciate the emails that show my day-to-day usage."

Product Type: Pollution Free Choice

Bob McCranie

Carrollton, TX

"When Green Mountain first came into the Texas market we signed up. We've been customers ever since. All wind and solar are so worth it. I wouldn't want to have any other provider."

Product Type: Pollution Free Reliable Rate


Houston, TX

"I decided to go with Green Mountain because their rates were similar to those of other companies, and I appreciate their dedication to green energy."

Product Type: Pollution Free e-Plus 12 Premier


Irving, TX

"I have bought Green Mountain because of the simplicity of signing up for their services and the earth-friendly options they have. I like the weekly usage summary, which helps control our overall use as well. So far a happy customer."

Product Type: Pollution Free


Chicago, IL

"I've been really happy with Green Mountain Energy so far. I just started using them for electricity, and the transition was easy and without problems. I'm excited to know that my energy use is coming from renewable sources!"

Product Type: Pollution Free


Fort Worth, TX

"My husband and I like doing our part in keeping our environment clean. Green Mountain Energy has also provided excellent customer care."