Advisors and leadership team

Board of directors

mark parsons

Mark Parsons


Mark leads the team and has been with the company since 2003. In his home, in Missouri City, Texas, he’s outnumbered in the gender department—a wife and three daughters—and loves every minute of it. He’s an outdoor junkie who runs, snow skis, golfs and tackles home improvement projects. Mark also sat on the board for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. He supports helping make nonprofits more sustainable and advocates for resource conservation and renewable energy to protect nature and all that it offers.

rebecca emrick

Rebecca Emrick

Advisor, Marketing Committee

Rebecca’s been part of the company since 2005 and serves as advisor of marketing. Living in Houston, Texas, she likes to explore the food scene when she’s not traveling, shopping online or spoiling her three furry babies. Rebecca supports numerous pet charities, and she assisted in relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area. Her emphasis on the importance of protecting the planet comes from her love for her niece and nephew. When they’re older, Rebecca wants them to know she was part of correcting the trajectory for our planet.

pat hammond

Pat Hammond

Advisor, Organizational Excellence Committee

Pat’s been with the company since 1986 and is the advisor of retail public and media relations. She lives in Houston, Texas, and enjoys being outdoors gardening or kayaking. She sits on the board for another nonprofit organization and provides support for many community organizations and agencies that focus on social services, community gardens and coastal preservation. Pat is inspired by how much good the Sun Club does for local communities and the planet as a whole, while teaching the next generation about how to protect the planet.

meigs jones

Samuel Meigs Jones III

Secretary, Organizational Excellence Committee

Meigs joined the team in 2004 and serves as general counsel. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and has three adult children. Meigs believes his work with the Sun Club is important because of the positive impact it has on worthy nonprofits, helping to further their missions in a sustainable way.

keri murschell

Keri Murschell

Advisor, Organizational Excellence Committee

Since 2015, Keri has served as advisor of innovation. She lives in Haddonfield, New Jersey, and enjoys spending time with her family, playing golf and practicing yoga. Working with nonprofits comes easily for Keri since she regularly participates in community service projects. She believes in the importance of promoting sustainable solutions in communities where she works and lives. Keri’s grateful to be a piece of the puzzle, helping nonprofits achieve their sustainability goals.

andrea ortega

Andrea Ortega-Toledano

Vice-President, Programs and Services Committee

Andrea joined the company in 2011 and is the advisor of product innovation, strategy and customer experience. She lives in Houston, Texas, where she loves to spend time with her family, travel, work out and try new recipes in the kitchen. She’s active with AFS Intercultural Programs because of the positive experience she had as a foreign exchange student. Andrea enjoys the challenge that comes with developing new and innovative ways to fulfill the Sun Club’s mission, while helping nonprofits reach their full sustainability potential.

steve rewinski

Steve Rewinski

Advisor, Membership Committee

Steve’s been with the company since 2011, starting out as a part-time sales rep in New York City and working his way to market manager in the Northeast region. Focusing on community and partnerships, Steve has been a long-time member of the Advisory Committee and played a key role in securing major Sun Club partnerships in New York, Illinois and more. Steve’s a Long Islander and particularly passionate about beach and wetland preservation and helping empower local communities to be as green as they want to be. Most weekends, you can see Steve and his wife shopping at and dropping off compost at their local farmer’s market before heading to the gym where they both work on their left hooks.

cyndy reynolds

Cyndy Reynolds

Advisor, Membership Committee

Cyndy has been with the company since 2010 and currently serves as commercial sales advisor. At home in Lucas, Texas, she loves anything she can do in the sun—boating, diving or running around outside with her family. Cyndy’s proud to advocate for innovative projects that create positive environmental, social and financial impacts for local communities.

jason sears

Jason Sears

Advisor, Membership Committee

Jason's been with the company since 2010 and is the senior manager of the Green Mountain Energy outside sales team. He lives in Austin, Texas, and loves making memories traveling with his family—his wife and two little girls. Jason’s been a member of several outreach organizations that shelter the homeless, prevent domestic abuse and empower underrepresented populations in the community. He’s driven by a desire to pave the way to sustainability for the next generation and feels privileged to work alongside the bright, passionate and determined individuals (and organizations) that the Sun Club supports.

brian vass

Brian Vass

Advisor, Finance Committee

Brian joined the team in 2011 and currently serves as vice president of financial planning and analysis and accounting controller for retail mass and business solutions. He lives in Houston, Texas, but likes to travel to new places, exploring the local cuisine. Brian’s proud to be a dad and to serve on three other nonprofit boards focusing on environmental, human, animal and social welfare improvement. He believes committing to the planet is a practical way to facilitate environmental change while making a positive impact in local communities.

vivian wong

Vivian Wong

Advisor, Finance Committee

Vivian has been with the team since 2011 and is a supervisor for retail accounting. She lives in Houston, Texas, but prefers to travel and explore whenever she can—experiencing what new cities have to offer. She loves the outdoors and spends time running, hiking, snorkeling and snowboarding. Vivian is moved by how much the Sun Club gives back to local communities. And she’s an active supporter of a variety of nonprofit organizations and charity events.

Leadership team

stacy shaffer

Stacy Mehlhoff

Program Director

Stacy’s been with the team since 2013 and serves as the program director of the Sun Club. She lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and dog and always has a project in the works. Whether it’s a remodeling job or working on a craft, Stacy loves the evolution of a project—seeing something become better than it was. She strongly believes in the Sun Club because of its ability to showcase that there are sustainable solutions for every organization, every community and every lifestyle.