Houston Advanced Research Council (HARC)

Project Details

Where: Houston, TX

Dedication Date: TBD

Donation Type: Net-zero solar array

Size: 70.7 kW

Claim to Fame: Additional solar will make HARC the first certified and operational net-zero commercial building in Texas

Project Overview

HARC analyzes independent scientific research about environmental risks to the public, translating it for general understanding. This information is provided to decision makers in agencies, advocacy organizations, corporations, and the public to help inform policy-making decisions.

HARC’s new headquarters is now the first certified and operational net-zero commercial building in Texas, thanks in part to solar purchased with a $136,000 Sun Club donation. The donation covered more than 200 new panels that will generate 70.7 kW of solar. This is in addition to the building’s existing 11.5 kW rooftop array. Using solar will save HARC $470,000 on electricity bills over the 30-year life of the array.

Sustainability is on show at the HARC headquarters, where a highly efficient geothermal heating and cooling system is composed of a network of 36 wells descending 300 feet below the parking lot. The LEED Platinum building’s innovative, air-tight envelope allows it to perform 2.5 times better than that of a typical commercial enclosure.