Sun Club is on the open road again, donating more than $1.6 million, along with green expertise, to nonprofit organizations in Texas, Illinois and the Northeast. Your support and contributions made this road trip possible, so check out the pit stops happening this summer.
Let’s hit the road.
Hit the road
Donation: $251,560
The Nature Conservancy
Long Island, New York
The Nature Conservancy’s Uplands Farm Sanctuary is a preserve offering 2.5 miles of hiking trails. Through a Sun Club sustainability grant, the sanctuary will produce enough on-site electricity, using its new solar array, to achieve net-zero emissions campus-wide. Along with solar power, the grant funded a new electric HVAC system, water heaters and an electric-vehicle charging station.
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Donation: $163,278
Minnie's Food Pantry
Plano, Texas
This food pantry can serve an additional 45,000 meals a year because of funding from Sun Club. The grant supplied a rooftop solar array, which is helping reduce the facility’s electricity expenses, allowing more resources to be directed to its mission.
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Donation: $201,480
Overbrook School for the Blind
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This school features an award-winning Farm to Table program that is headquartered in the M. Christine Murphy Horticulture Education Center. The center, along with the gymnasium, is fully powered by solar energy thanks to a grant from Sun Club.
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Donation: $368,000
McKinney Avenue Transit Authority
McKinney, Texas
Sun Club helped retrofit a vintage electric trolley car system to become the most energy-efficient transportation system of its kind. Now the trolley barn houses a solar array, the trolley cars have upgraded heating and cooling units, and LEDs line the trolley routes.
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Donation: $315,627
Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This was the first Ronald McDonald House, and now it serves as a sustainability model for 360 homes located in 42 countries. A sustainability grant from Sun Club funded solar power for a portion of the West Campus tower expansion, along with an on-site orchard and solar-powered art piece (doubling as an interactive educational tool).
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Donation: $135,000
AWTY International School
Houston, Texas
Through hands-on experience, students at this school are learning to become responsible world citizens. A grant from Sun Club funded a solar array and two on-site shipping containers that house an aquaponics farm and a hydroponic farm. Students are learning firsthand about growing methods, resource conservation and renewable energy.
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Donation: $100,000
Park District at Oak Park
Chicago, Illinois
A Sun Club grant helped this park district complete four green initiatives. The Oak Park Conservatory now houses a low-maintenance solar field that offsets energy costs, and a cistern at the Desert Display House is helping repurpose rainwater for the park system's watering needs. Plants are receiving quality nutrition, thanks to tea composting, and three working bee hives are producing honeycombs and helping educate visitors about the vital role bees play in agriculture.
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Donation: $141,500
Trees for Houston
Houston, Texas
This tree farm is water-neutral, thanks to a rainwater capture system donated by Sun Club. The system collects and stores enough rainwater to provide for every tree on the farm, all year long. The donation also funded the planting of fruit trees at 10 area schools, along with a new biodiesel pickup truck for the organization.
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