Power your


Power your home.

Tap into nature with 100% clean electricity.

Let’s hear it for nature.

At Green Mountain Energy, we’re keeping the great outdoors green thanks to the wind and sun. Powering homes with renewable energy is our way of celebrating nature and all that it gives us. With the help of our customers, we’re reducing our impact today so that we all can enjoy more adventures tomorrow. If you love endless exploration and epic moments as much as we do, join us in making a difference for our beautiful planet. Tap into nature by choosing 100% clean electricity for your home.

The sunny side of electricity.

Bring on the sunshine at home and on the go. Whether you want rooftop solar or just a solar-powered electricity plan, we’ve got you covered.

Easy. Breezy. Earth-friendly energy.

Explore greener living with one of our wind electricity plans. All of our wind plans are 100% renewable and come from sources throughout the United States.

Start your green steps today.

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