Green Mountain EnergyTM Sun ClubTM Announces Call for Donation Applicants

Applications for Texas non-profits seeking solar donations open until August 31


AUSTIN, TX – Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™, a program that donates solar arrays to non-profits, is now collecting applications from Texas organizations looking to reduce their environmental impact, lower their electricity bills, and standout as role models in the communities they serve. The Sun Club is a voluntary program that allows Green Mountain Energy Company residential customers to make monthly contributions on their bills to support these local solar installations and education efforts. Applications from Texas non-profits are due by August 31, 2012.


“As someone who recently launched a non-profit, I know first-hand the importance of support from community leaders like Green Mountain,” said Jena Maharramov, director and CEO, Singularity Solar Energy. “A friend of mine who is a Sun Club member told me to apply for a grant for my foundation. Now thanks to the Sun Club, Singularity Solar Energy is making its first solar donation through Habitat for Humanity, providing two deserving families with affordable, clean, solar energy for their home.”


Since the Sun Club’s founding in 2002, 35 solar installations have been made to a variety of non-profits in the communities Green Mountain serves. In addition to Singularity, Texas recipients include Habitat for Humanity, University of Houston, Ronald McDonald House, Girl Scouts, Texas State Aquarium and many other service organizations.


“I’m very proud that thanks to the Sun Club and our generous members, great non-profits have been able to benefit from solar energy to better serve their communities,” said Tony Napolillo, Sun Club program manager.  “This year, the Sun Club has supported innovative applications of solar energy such as Rice University teaming with Habitat for Humanity to build the ‘Centennial House’ with solar in mind and providing solar-powered trams to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. I hope every non-profit in Texas applies to be the next Sun Club solar recipient and more members join our cause!”


Solar energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy and is 100% pollution-free. Sun Club members have helped install almost 500 kilowatts of solar power, which helps the non-profit recipients avoid 1.0 million pounds of carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions each year. That’s like not driving 1.1 million miles or recycling 3.3 million aluminum cans instead of sending them to the landfill! In addition, solar systems can help reduce the amount of electricity needed from the grid, helping non-profits reduce their electricity costs. All non-profits located in Green Mountain service territories in Texas are encouraged to apply.


Evaluation criteria include the organization’s:

  • Interest in owning and maintaining a solar generation system on its property
  • Location and whether it coincides with Green Mountain’s service territory in parts of Texas where customers are able to choose their electricity service provider
  • Mission and contribution to its community
  • Willingness and ability to provide public education about solar energy and its donated installation through onsite signage, press and public events
  • Ongoing public exposure to solar energy and the Sun Club


To apply for a donation or to find out more information, visit the Sun Club website at


Green Mountain EnergyTM Sun ClubTM

Green Mountain EnergyTM Sun ClubTM is a program where Green Mountain residential customers in New York and Texas have the opportunity to give back to deserving non-profit organizations through the promotion of solar power. Direct monthly contributions from customers go toward the funding of solar installations. Since the program’s founding in 2002, Sun Club members have helped install almost 500 kilowatts of solar power, preventing over 3.5 million pounds of CO2 emissions. That’s like 3.8 million miles not driven or 11.6 million aluminum cans recycled. For more information, visit

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