Celebrate Earth Month by entering Green Mountain Energy Company’s “Bring Sunshine Home” Sweepstakes


Texas and New York residents can enter for a chance to win a $15,000 solar array installation

AUSTIN, TEXAS –Green Mountain Energy Company launched a solar sweepstakes for Texas and New York residents to win a $15,000 solar array home installation. Entries are now being collected on www.greenmountain.com/solarsweepstakes, the Green Mountain Facebook page and at events where Green Mountain is present.

Solar power offers a pollution-free, renewable energy source for heating, cooling and lighting homes and businesses. Installing solar at home also provides financial benefits by reducing the amount of electricity a resident needs to purchase, offering the ability to sell any excess energy back to the grid and essentially locking in the price of solar energy for the life of the panels. The winner of the sweepstakes also gains a significant financial advantage in receiving the solar panels and installation for free!

“More and more consumers are realizing the good that comes from renewable energy and increasingly finding ways to incorporate it into their daily lives, which includes putting solar arrays on their roofs,” said Paul Thomas, president and CEO of Green Mountain. “We want to offer another opportunity to make solar power at home a reality, which is why we introduced the ‘Bring Sunshine Home’ Sweepstakes.” 

Green Mountain, the nation’s longest serving retail provider of renewable energy, offers a variety of options for customers to go green at home with solar.  For example, Green Mountain offers residential customers in Texas the option to purchase or lease a complete solar solution as well as an energy buyback plan for customers with home solar installations that generate excess energy. The company also offers customers an avenue for supporting non-profits with solar donations via the Green Mountain EnergyTM Sun ClubTM. Thanks to thousands of Green Mountain customers, more than 33 donations generating nearly 500 kW of solar energy have been made in Texas and New York, which is comparable to avoiding the amount of CO2 generated from driving 4.5 million miles. The Sweepstakes is one additional example of how Green Mountain is bringing solar power to consumers.

“Solar power is a relatively simple way to make a significant environmental impact at an individual level,” Thomas continued. “I installed solar panels on my own home in 2009 because I strongly believe in the need to change the way power is made. I love knowing how much energy my panels produce and knowing that the energy is from a renewable, clean resource.  I hope that the winner of this sweepstakes will have the same satisfaction.”

The “Bring Sunshine Home” Sweepstakes will run April 14-July 31, 2012. The winner will be announced on or before August 14, 2012. Visit www.greenmountain.com/solarsweepstakes for official rules and eligibility.


Green Mountain Solar®

At Green Mountain Energy Company, we believe solar power is an important part of America’s energy future – and we’re making it accessible to our customers today. Not only does choosing to install solar panels positively impact the environment, but it can contribute to reduced energy bills, help protect against future increases in energy costs, and increase a home’s resale value. For more information on how you can bring solar into your home, visit www.greenmountain.com/solar.

Mountain EnergyTM Sun ClubTM 

Green Mountain EnergyTM Sun ClubTM is a program where Green Mountain residential customers have the opportunity to give back to deserving non-profit organizations through the promotion of solar power. Direct monthly contributions from customers go toward the funding of solar installations. Since the program’s founding in 2002, Sun Club members have helped install almost 500kW of solar power, preventing over 4.1 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. That equals 4.5 million miles not driven or 10.1 million aluminum cans recycled. For more information, visit www.gmsunclub.com.

Green Mountain Energy Company

Green Mountain, the nation’s leading competitive retail provider of cleaner energy and carbon offset solutions, was founded in 1997 to “change the way power is made.” The company is the longest serving green power marketer in the U.S. Green Mountain offers consumers and businesses the choice of cleaner electricity products from renewable sources, such as wind, as well as a variety of carbon offset products. Green Mountain’s largest customer is the “world’s most famous office building,” the Empire State Building in New York City. Green Mountain customers have collectively helped avoid over 14.8 billion pounds of CO2 emissions. As a wholly owned subsidiary of NRG Energy (NYSE:NRG), Green Mountain is backed by one of the nation’s largest renewable power producers. For more information, visit www.GreenMountain.com.